Big Nate

Big Nate

Name: Big Nate

Air Time: Weekdays 9AM ’til 3PM

Hometown: Parts Unknown

-What got you into radio? I grew up listening to old radio serials like The Phantom and The Whistler. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on the magic of radio. Alice Cooper is the one who really cemented my desire to be on air. We used to sit around our fire pit and listen to Nights with Alice Cooper, and I thought, “hey, that’s a pretty kickass gig, and I’m at least as qualified as Alice Cooper!”

-What was/is your all time favorite toy? My hockey stick. I still buy new ones pretty regularly. Also a huge sucker for the SNES. The SNES Classic has reminded me how much I loved the Zelda series.

-Do you have any cool talents/skills? I’m ambidextrous, which is really just a fancy way of saying my hand writing is equally bad with both hands. I also mix a mean cocktail.

-Who is your favorite sports team(s)? The Anaheim Ducks. Been a fan since 1993. I picked them when I was a kid because of their logo and stuck around ever since. I never miss a game. Before anyone suggests it, I hate those stupid movies with Emilio Estevez.

-If you won a million dollars, what would be the first thing you would buy? Probably something really trivial like a soda or gasoline. I’m not prone to frivolity and it’s really hard to imagine what I would do with the money. I do need a new crock pot with a locking lid though, so maybe a new crock pot. I lead an exciting life.

-What is your favorite movie of all time? Donnie Darko for it’s killer soundtrack and mind blowing story or You’re Next for flipping the slasher genre on it’s head. I’m a huge horror movie buff. Honorable mentions include: The Sacrament, The House Of The Devil and The Ruins.

-If you could only play one video game for the rest of your life, what would it be? Tony Hawk’s Underground 2. I’ve probably logged well over 1000 hours of gameplay time. It’s the reason I still have my original xbox.

-Who is your celebrity crush? Does JT count as a celebrity? Kidding. Either Emily Deschanel of Bones fame or Jennifer Lawrence of Jennifer Lawrence fame.

-What is your biggest fear? Small spaces. The Descent and As Above So Below are the two scariest movies I’ve ever watched as a result,

-If you could see any band perform live (living or dead) who would it be? The Doors in a hot minute. I think Jim Morrison is just about the best frontman ever.

-What is your biggest pet peeve? The sound of people eating drives me absolutely insane, especially chips and carrots. If their mouths are open while they eat, it’s even worse.

-What’s your favorite drink at the bar? My favorite beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon, and my favorite liquor is Evan Williams Black Label. I love Boilermakers!

-Do you have any pets? I have three cats named Yana, Moose and Dreama. They’re all demons in their own rights.

-What was your first concert? Ozzfest 2006. It was cool, but my second concert was a week later and way cooler. My second concert was Rob Zombie. From that experience, I was hooked on attending concerts and have probably been to about 150 so far.

-What is your favorite food? Mexican food all day every day! Unfortunately my wife doesn’t share my love of Mexican food, so it’s a rare treat!

-Do you have any cool tattoos or piercings? Yeah, I have a sweet dragon on my back, but the artist used invisible ink. 🙁 No, I don’t have any tattoos or piercings, too many ideas to narrow down.

-What was the biggest fad you got into? Furby. I had a special edition Gremlins Furby. Also I’m pretty sure those things are made by Satan. They look really cool when you put them in the microwave though.

-If you could hop into the DeLorean and travel back/forwarded to anytime/place. . . where/when/why? Back to 1985 to the Universal Studios to stop that awful movie from being made!